Your Riverside dentist reminds you that all problems that affect your oral health are equally important. Of course, you may need to see us sooner for something like an infection! However, if you’re dealing with minor pain, issues with function, or otherwise, these can just as significantly impact your ability to enjoy and maintain your smile’s health and it can also negatively impact your ability to use your smile and feel proud of it! Join our Riverside, CA practice as we help you better see why even things that seem “little” are quite a big deal.

Feeling Like Dental Work Needs Help

You might have the slightest feeling that something is off with your smile in an area where you’ve had dental work. For example, you might have a dental crown that usually isn’t something you notice. However, lately, it’s like you can feel that crown tapping against your teeth in a way that it never did before. Or, maybe you have the feeling that your filling fell out! Your Riverside dentist reminds you that this may seem like a minor issue but unless you address it with us, it can lead to serious consequences! Come in for help, so we can repair the issue and, as a result, prevent any complications from occurring.

Dealing With A Sort-Of Tired Jaw

If you ever think to yourself that your jaw feels tired and it’s something you notice more than once, your Riverside dentist reminds you that what you should really do is come in for a visit with us. Is it possible that you just irritated your TMJ (jaw joint)? Of course. However, it’s also possible that you are headed toward TMJ disorder or that you are already there and you require immediate TMJ treatment to give your jaw joints a break! Come in soon, so you quickly get your oral health back in order.

Experiencing A Very Mild, Come-And-Go Toothache

Dealing with a toothache that shows up and leaves and is quite mild? Don’t ignore it. Come in! Tell your Riverside dentist. It’s easier to quickly treat issues as they begin!

Take Time To See Us For All Smile Concerns

Don’t let the little things fall by the wayside when you’re striving to keep your smile in wonderful health and looking lovely. Call our team to set up a checkup as soon as you realize something seems different! Give us a call in Riverside, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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