Of course, you should address just about any oral health or smile concern that comes your way as soon as possible. However, today, our Moreno Valley, CA team really wants to bring to the forefront those issues that you really need to address but that you are likely to sweep under the rug (if you are anything like many of our patients!). Whether it’s because you aren’t sure what to do, you’re worried, you’re in a bit of denial, etc., always keep in mind that no matter what it is, your Moreno Valley dentist is here to offer you the helpful smile care you need! We welcome you and your smile needs, so we can simply help you maintain a healthy smile!

TMJ Worries

You might feel a little worried about your TMJs. You may simply recognize that something isn’t really on track if your jaw joints hurt, pop, or other issues crop up. Or, you may learn from your Moreno Valley dentist that you could really use treatment to address your TMJ concerns. While it may not seem like a pressing matter, we encourage you to remember that it is. What begins as an issue with just a few minor symptoms can blossom into a jaw problem that includes serious damage. Treat it right away!

A Cavity

Do you think you may have a cavity? Patients that have experienced one are often quite adept at recognizing the common symptoms that come with them. Others who have never dealt with them may assume a toothache is pointing to possible decay. Whatever the case, simply remember that even though cavities start off quite small and are only somewhat threatening to your overall oral health in their infancy, they’re dangerous when ignored. Your Moreno Valley dentist suggests a filling ASAP, so you can avoid the progression of decay and related side effects.

Bad Breath

It seems yucky, annoying, possibly a little funny, and less than appealing. Unfortunately, bad breath is often also a sign that you need some help with an as-of-yet unidentified oral health problem (which we will find and treat for you, when you schedule a dental checkup!).

See Us For Help With Any Of Your Smile Concerns

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