TMJ disorder, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, is a chronic dysfunction in one or both of your jaw joints. Your TMJs are located at the temporal bones of your skull and allow your jaw to open, close, and move as needed throughout the day. When they’re dysfunctional, everything from your bite function to the health of your other oral structures can be affected. At our Riverside, CA, dental office, we can help you address your TMJ disorder in a comfortable and convenient manner, and alleviate the many symptoms that come with it.

Your chronic headaches and migraines

Because TMJ disorder affects your jaw joints, the most common symptoms include pain and discomfort in your jaw and mouth. However, this isn’t the only chronic pain that TMJ disorder cases. Being near to your head’s dominant nerve group – the trigeminal nerves – means your TMJs can disturb these nerves when they don’t function properly. This can lead to increasingly more frequent and more intense headaches and migraines that don’t go away with any conventional headache remedies.

Recurring tinnitus (pain and ringing in the ears)

In addition to causing recurring pain in your head, TMJ disorder can also lead to symptoms within your ear structures, which are located right next to the large joints. The disturbance can lead to symptoms like recurring pain and ringing in one or both of your ears – a condition known as tinnitus. If you experience ear pain and ringing but haven’t been exposed to any excessively loud noises lately, then the cause may be internal and attributable to a jaw joint dysfunction.

Your habit of grinding your teeth

TMJ disorder doesn’t just affect the comfort of your jaw, but also its proper function. For example, many people who suffer from TMJ disorder also exhibit bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, at the same time. Bruxism may be a cause of TMJ disorder or a symptom of it, depending on your specific oral health needs. If you notice yourself grinding your teeth often, or experience increasingly more sensitive teeth each day, then you may be a good candidate for bruxism and/or TMJ disorder treatment.

Find out how to treat your TMJ disorder

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