You think about the term “smile stains” and something strikes you as pretty serious: A stain is pigmentation that you cannot remove, right? It’s like staining a shirt or a tablecloth. You wonder, does this apply to teeth, too? Well, yes and no. The good news is that there’s certainly a way for our Moreno Valley, CA team to help you, so you can leave those stains in the past and welcome in an era in your life in which you have a beaming, white grin! How to make this happen? Start by learning more from the advice shared by your Moreno Valley dentist!

A Stain Will Stay As Long As You Leave It

As you have gathered, a stain is something that stays put. When it comes to your smile, your Moreno Valley dentist reminds you that your teeth will remain discolored as long as you leave your teeth as they are. You may continue with your usual dental hygiene and visits with us but prevention cannot remove discoloration. Only cosmetic care is going to help you with that!

However, We Can Help You Remove Stains!

So, what’s the story with this cosmetic care we mentioned? Like stain removal, when you’re trying to clean a shirt, you need specialized care. When your teeth are the topic, you require cosmetic care from us, your team of dental professionals. The stuff you find at the store won’t work and will damage your smile. However, the teeth whitening provided by your Moreno Valley dentist will generally do the trick by physically (gently) removing the pigments.

Or, We Can Camouflage Stains

So, what if those stains are deep, serious, or very stubborn, you wonder? Your Moreno Valley dentist explains that in some cases, if they cannot be removed, it will be time to discuss cosmetic care to camouflage them. Rest assured, when we do so (with something like porcelain veneers), you can expect extremely beautiful, natural-looking results!

Enjoy Addressing Stains With Our Team! 

Smile a happy smile, as you say goodbye to the stains that have discolored your teeth. Enjoy a much more vibrant grin, when you receive cosmetic care with us, as we either remove stains or camouflage them beautifully! Give us a call in Moreno Valley, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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