There are some things you know without a shadow of a doubt can cause problems for your oral health. Our Temecula, CA team does our best, of course, to ensure you’re aware of the details, so you can maintain a healthy smile. However, you sometimes find that there are some habits that are indirectly impacting your ability to make optimal choices and you certainly appreciate a heads-up! Today, your Temecula dentist offers you some helpful advice in terms of the time you spend on your computer (or phone or tablet) and how it can end up negatively affecting your smile!

Not Realizing You’re Snacking Without Rinsing

Your Temecula dentist wonders, have you ever gotten up from a session at the computer only to feel shocked by how much time has passed? This is very common! Unfortunately, if you’re snacking during this time and thinking to yourself that you’ll get up to rinse with water in a second … but that second turns into a couple of hours … you’re leaving your smile vulnerable to damage. Keep water nearby or skip snacks, when you’re at the keyboard!

Promoting TMD With Forward-Head Posture

Think about how you sit when you’re on the computer. Or sitting over your phone. In any case, it just might not include absolutely ideal posture. Instead, it’s common to hold your head forward, which can put a strain on your muscles (including those that surround your jaw joints). Your Temecula dentist reminds you to take frequent breaks, if you can, so you’re not promoting TMJ disorder!

Clenching Teeth Or Nibbling While Concentrating

We’d like to remind you that lots of computer use can also promote TMJ disorder, teeth damage, and bruxism in another way: If you tend to clench teeth together as you concentrate, if you often nibble on a nearby pen, or again, if you enjoy snacking at your screens, this is bad news! Your Temecula dentist simply reminds you to do your best with making minor changes or by seeing us for advice!

Receive Dental Care Tips For Modern Life

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