When you visualize the holiday parties that are ahead, you imagine twinkling, sparkling brightness and snow-capped everything! Unfortunately, if the second the thought of your smile enters the picture, you immediately feel that visualize grow dim or less than merry, it’s time for the help of our Temecula, CA team! We are well aware of the fact that patients prefer to head out to their wintertime celebrations with glittering holiday grins (but don’t always take early steps to ensure this happens). What can you do now, you wonder, to make this a reality? Your Temecula dentist has the very promising answers you and your smile needs!

Get A Cleaning With Us ASAP!

If you are hoping for a glittering, beautiful grin by holiday time, your Temecula dentist certainly understands! To get this process started, we suggest you begin with a dental checkup and cleaning just as soon as you can see us. Remember that when you come in for your cleaning, we will remove plaque (and tartar) buildup that you cannot thoroughly remove on your own, which can help your smile look much cleaner for the impact you want! Just contact our team very soon to set up a visit.

Follow Through With Teeth Whitening!

Now, assuming we discover your smile is in wonderful condition during your dental checkup and cleaning with us (or, if we can quickly address minor issues with your oral health that require restorative care), then you qualify for teeth whitening! This is a quick, efficient, and very dramatic way to transform a somewhat dull or yellowed smile into the dazzling, glittering feature of your dreams, just in time for winter holidays!

Skip The Staining Stuff At Parties!

Your Temecula dentist wants you to keep in mind that if your goal is to present your most dazzling grin at upcoming holiday get-togethers, an easy trick is to avoid the stuff that can temporarily turn your smile dim (and that can stain it over time), such as red wine, coffee, hot cocoa, etc.! Easy.

Achieve A Sparkling Grin For Holiday Time

Get excited about putting your best smile forward this holiday season, when you take the time to come in to receive your dental cleaning and to find out just how soon you may schedule whitening for yourself! Give us a call in Temecula, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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