Your child’s oral health is obviously important to you, and it is important to us as well. Our Riverside, CA dental team is proud to make our youngest patients feel at ease during pediatric dental appointments. In addition to providing care in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, we take time to provide kids with instructions and lessons that equip them with the skills to take great care of their teeth at home. It is important to make sure kids are enjoying quality oral health care in the right environment. Positive early experiences with their dentist can ensure kids feel comfortable seeking oral health care later in life, and early dental intervention can prevent developmental problems from affecting their smile.

We Help Kids Feel At Ease In Our Office

Patients at our office can count on a warm and friendly environment no matter what their age is. With that said, we take pride in making our office especially friendly for our younger patients, particularly those who are coming in for their first-ever appointment. At their initial visits, pediatric dental care can make comfort a high priority. At the appropriate time, we can shift to a greater focus on the routine dental cleanings and evaluations that benefit all patients.

Regular Pediatric Exams Help Kids Stay Free Of Cavities

When they attend regular dental exams, kids are less likely to develop problems that might require dental fillings, or any other kind of restorative dental work. This is because they regularly have access to thorough evaluations and careful cleanings that reduce their risks for problems because of accumulating oral bacteria. These visits are also valuable because your dentist can use their time with your kids to offer helpful lessons on how to brush and floss. When kids can perform these tasks more effectively, they are less likely to let plaque and tartar form.

Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Child’s Smile Between Appointments

It is important to note that kids often face higher cavity risks because they are more likely to consume high amounts of sugar than adults. You can help your kids keep their teeth healthy by providing them with healthy meals and snacks, and giving them warnings about sugar. If you want to make sure your kids are picking up good brushing and flossing habits, check in on them as they clean their teeth. Those check-ins can be particularly beneficial as kids first start performing these tasks themselves.

Set Up Dental Care For Your Child At Dental Associates Of Riverside!

At Dental Associates Of Riverside, and all of our other Riverside dental office teams, we recognize the importance of creating a welcoming and supportive environment for our youngest patients. We can make sure your entire family enjoys consistent dental health care, and we are ready to address any problems that might develop between visits. For more information, please contact one of our locations nearest to you:

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