If you want to start the new year (and new decade!) with confidence, taking care of tough teeth stains can help. Worrying about the brightness of your smile can make you uncomfortable with the way you look, and that self-conscious feeling can interfere with your daily life in ways that frustrate you. Unfortunately, the help available from store bought whitening products can be limited. At our Temecula, CA dental office, we can provide significant results from professional whitening treatments. The agents we use to take care of your teeth can break apart tough stains, and give you a dazzling, bright smile you are eager to share!

A Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Remove Difficult Stains From Your Enamel

Stains that accumulate on teeth come from many popular items that we enjoy each day. Soft drinks, coffee, red wine, and so many other drinks and foods can leave behind particles that gradually dull the brightness of your enamel. The goal during a professional teeth whitening treatment is to successfully break up and remove those stains. This cosmetic dental procedure has helped many people who have lost faith in the quality of their smile over time.

It should be noted that some people have problems with discoloration due to other factors. For example, some have concerns about the color of their teeth because of enamel erosion, while others can be bothered by blemishes that formed after they took certain medications. In these circumstances, your dentist can recommend porcelain veneers to hide discoloration.

Are Professional Whitening Agents Different From Store Bought Agents?

Store bought whitening products can help you remove stains that are on the surface of teeth, but they tend to lack the strength to remove deeper set stains. In other words, they can lead to some results, just not the full results people typically want to see. Your dentist can provide you with stronger whitening agents that take care of stubborn stains. Because you can access materials that are stronger than what is offered over the counter, this one treatment can lead to dramatic results!

Maintaining Your Whiter Smile

After brightening your smile, you can feel an increased desire to avoid new stains so that your results last as long as possible. Changing your diet can help with this – removing or limiting the items that tend to leave stains can help you preserve your tooth color. You should also make sure that you stay consistent with preventive dental appointments, and do a good job cleaning your teeth on a daily basis.

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