Why would you allow a toothache to continue interfering with your quality of life? Problems with a sore or sensitive tooth can make it harder for you to bite and chew, and the discomfort can be a persistent distraction. You can be happy to know that with access to modern dental care, the problem can be addressed with minimal discomfort. Our dental practice in Riverside, CA is prepared to both treat the problem affecting you, and to restore the tooth after that treatment is performed. We can offer a full dental crown, inlay, or onlay depending on how much support you might need after a procedure is completed.

If You Ignore A Toothache, You Can Put Your Tooth At Serious Risk!

How serious can a problem causing a persistent toothache really become? People who have this problem can have issues with an advanced cavity, or with damage that exposes them to an internal infection. Any time your tooth’s inner chamber (its pulp) is threatened in these ways, the problem can worsen over time. Eventually, your tooth’s condition could deteriorate to the point where your dentist must extract your tooth in order to restore your smile health! Extraction is a last resort – if the problem is addressed in time, an internal issue can be addressed through root canal treatment.

We Can Determine The Right Treatment For Your Aching Tooth

After examining your aching tooth, your dentist can determine the kind of care your situation might require. If the tooth’s pulp is infected because of an injury or cavity, root canal treatment can see your dentist remove infected tissues before sealing the pulp, and planning the placement of a dental crown. If the tooth’s condition has worsened so much that an extraction is called for, you and your dentist can discuss replacing the tooth with a lifelike dental prosthetic.

What To Expect From A Modern Dental Restoration

A modern dental crown, inlay, or onlay can be designed to closely match the appearance of your enamel. This is important in situations where the tooth being restored is visible when a person smiles, as a modern crown can ensure your tooth has support without causing an issue for your appearance. The porcelain and zirconia restorations used in these instances are strong enough to provide functional support, so you can look forward to more than just work that preserves the way you look.

Our Riverside, CA Dental Practice Can Fully Address Your Toothache!

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