In terms of oral health issues, few problems create as much frustration and embarrassment as tooth loss. All it takes is a single absent tooth to make you uncomfortable with biting and chewing, and a visible gap in your smile can leave you deeply self-conscious. At our Corona, CA dental practice, we can offer you an effective solution in the form of a dental bridge. Dental bridges can stay in place without oral surgery, which makes this a convenient means of restoring your smile. Because this restoration enjoys permanent support, you can count on it to help you bite, chew, and speak naturally.

A Dental Bridge Can Offer A Convenient Solution For Tooth Loss

A dental bridge stays in place permanently, meaning you will not have to worry about it becoming loose, or giving too little support when you bite an chew. This restoration is held in place with a pair of dental crowns which are placed at each side of the absence. Because crowns are used to hold your appliance, there is no need for the placement of a dental implant, which requires oral surgery. Dental bridges can help individuals who want to have their smile restored in a relatively short time, and those who are concerned about the process of implant placement.

Restoring Your Smile With A Custom Restoration

In order to provide ideal support, a bridge must be designed with care to fit comfortably. Your dentist will take the time to perform the appropriate measurements, and prepare the teeth that will be fitted with dental crowns. Once the appliance is ready, we can set it in place, and ensure that it both looks and feels right for you. After this is done, you can leave our practice with a full, confident smile!

Planning Prosthetic Dental Work After A Dental Emergency

While tooth loss is most commonly caused by problems with gum disease, you may find yourself needing a prosthetic after a dental emergency. Our goal during urgent dental care is to save a person’s tooth whenever possible. Because we make prompt care available, you can have a greater chance of having an injured tooth saved. If this is not something that can be done, we can move our focus to restoring your smile with the appropriate prosthetic.

Your Corona, CA Dentist’s Office Can Offer Important Care With A Dental Bridge

Our Corona, CA dental practice is ready to provide you with a permanent dental bridge! This restoration can give you back your complete smile, and help you feel more comfortable biting, chewing, and speaking. If you want to discuss receiving a dental bridge, if you want to review other options for prosthetic dental work, or if there are any other oral health matters that affect you, contact one of our locations closest to you at the following:

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