With the right combination of daily oral health support and pediatric dental exams, children can grow up with healthy, problem-free teeth. At our Temecula, CA dental practice, we offer important preventive services during checkups in order to give kids great support against cavities and gum disease, and we provide guidance on caring for their teeth at home. Unfortunately, even when they have oral health support, kids can have some issues with tooth decay as they age. Our office can provide the appropriate restorative dental care in the form of a carefully placed dental filling. In cases where it might be necessary, we can also use dental crowns to restore teeth. Taking care of these problems is important, even when the issue is with a primary (“baby”) tooth. When these teeth experience problems, it can create trouble for the alignment of their permanent teeth.

We Take Care To Make Cavity Treatments Comfortable For Kids

While patient comfort is always something we pride ourselves on providing, it can be particularly important to give kids the most comfortable experience possible. Early experiences at the dentist’s office can affect how a child feels about future visits, and a negative experience can create a sense of anxiety around oral care. We can talk to you about the appropriate use of anesthetic or even sedation to help kids remain comfortable while they undergo care.

Selecting The Right Restoration For Your Child’s Smile

For tooth decay, composite resin material can serve effectively as a dental filling for your child’s tooth. This material is able to closely imitate the appearance of natural, healthy enamel, so their smile will not be altered by treatment. The substance bonds with a person’s tooth structure in order to provide lasting protection. If a child has already developed advanced tooth decay, or if they experience a dental injury, we can recommend a stainless steel crown. Crowns placed on primary teeth can allow children to bite and chew like normal, and they can help to prevent problems with the development of their oral structures and arrival of permanent teeth.

Preventive Services Can Keep Kids From Experiencing Cavities

Our practice is committed to more than just providing care for kids during their appointments. As part of their regular appointments, your dentist can take time to give them lessons on brushing and flossing. They can also discuss the value of good oral health, and why they need to pay attention to the condition of their smile. These early visits can help cement good habits at a young age, and give kids the encouragement to keep their smile free of dental troubles!

Our Temecula, CA Dental Practice Can Take Great Care Of Your Child’s Smile!

At Oasis Family Dental in Temecula, CA, patients of all ages can look forward to valuable dental care at every visit. In addition to providing important preventive support for kids, we can offer careful restorative treatment when they experience tooth decay. To learn more about our services, or to contact any one of our locations closest to you, reach us at the following:

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