If you want to enjoy cosmetic dental work that provides truly noteworthy results, you will have to undergo a long and involved treatment…or will you? For patients who want to make significant improvements to the color of their teeth, our Riverside, CA dental practice offers two convenient treatment options. You can elect to come in and see us for a one-visit whitening procedure, or you can take home a special kit that will give you the ability to see expert-quality results from your own home! Through effective and convenient treatment, you can see the kind of results that store bought whitening products can fail to match.

Why People Often Choose Expert Whitening Treatments Over Store Bought Products

Because they are already sitting on the shelves at your nearest grocery store or pharmacy, you can be attracted to the idea of simply picking up an over the counter whitening treatment. While this approach can make a difference in the way you look, the results you end up seeing may let you down. These store bought products can have limited success at removing deeper, hard-to-reach stains. If you want to see your smile become whiter by a remarkable degree, discussing cosmetic dental work with your dentist can be beneficial.

Arranging The Whitening Procedure That Works Best For You

Different people have different priorities in life, as well as different challenges when it comes to their schedules. If you feel like at-home whitening treatment will be easier for you, we can supply you with a kit that includes custom trays and advanced whitening gels. With the trays, you can have an easy time performing daily treatments to remove even those difficult stains that resist store bought whitening treatments. You can also count on us to help you with a one-visit procedure, where a special light is used to speed up the bleaching process. This single appointment can be all it takes for you to see teeth become many shades whiter!

Discussing All Of Your Options For Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Is professional whitening treatment always the right solution for patients? In situations where people are bothered by the shape or size of certain teeth, a different strategy can be beneficial. You may want to proceed with treatment involving porcelain veneers in order to correct issues with misalignment, dental damage, and other concerns. Bonding and contouring procedures can also be effective, and their more conservative approach to improving the way you look can lead to results in a shorter time.

Take Care Of Your Discolored Smile With Treatment From Our Riverside, CA Dental Office!

At our dental practice in Riverside, CA, we have successfully given many people the kinds of smile improvements they longed to show off! You can learn more about the advantages of teeth whitening, or review your other options for cosmetic dental work, by contacting our office on Magnolia Avenue, or reaching out to one of our other convenient locations:

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