Are you having a difficult time moving your jaw whenever you talk, laugh, or eat? Are you regularly experiencing painful headaches, or struggling with pain in your face or neck? Over time, an unresolved problem with your jaw can lead to persistent troubles with TMJ disorder. This problem can make the movement of your jaw uncomfortable, and it can cause chronic pain that intrudes on your quality of life. Our Riverside, CA dental practice is prepared to help you resolve the matter in order to relive you of persistent discomfort. Your treatment can include help with chronic teeth grinding, known as bruxism, as this problem is often linked to TMJ troubles.

TMJ Disorder Can Cause Frustrating Bouts Of Discomfort

Why is a problem with your jaw joints and muscles able to affect areas like your head and neck? The movement of your jaw is managed by your trigeminal nerve, which is also responsible for sensations in these other areas. As a result, when problems affect your jaw, you can feel the tension in multiple parts of your face and head. This can make troubles with TMJ disorder particularly difficult to endure.

Relieving Pressure On Your Jaw With A Custom Appliance

The position of your jaw can be more important than you might think, particularly if you struggle with chronic discomfort. Patients who experience troubles with TMJ disorder can enjoy relief when they wear a custom appliance provided at our practice. This appliance is specially designed to change the way your jaw rests in order to reduce the tension on your joints and muscles. The appliance can be worn at night to gradually make your jaw position more comfortable. If you have troubles with bruxism in addition to TMJ disorder, we can offer you an appliance that keeps your teeth apart, and ensures you are not able to grind or clench them while you sleep.

What Other Troubles Can Your Dentist Help You Address?

During your regular dental checkups, we are interested in learning more than just whether you have cavities or not! We can talk to you about symptoms of discomfort that suggest TMJ disorder, and look for wear and tear on teeth that suggest bruxism is an issue for you. We can also speak with you about any concerns you have about the state of your smile. If you have visible wear and tear that hurts your smile, we may bring up options for cosmetic dental treatment to help you restore your appearance.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA About Treatment For TMJ Disorder

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