Fixing problems with poor dental alignment can produce exciting changes in the way you look. A straight smile can be more symmetrical, and it can be free of glaring flaws that pull in unwanted attention. Of course, while people often like the idea of fixing their crooked smile, they can worry that doing so might require conspicuous metal braces. Our Temecula, CA dental practice can talk to you about an alternative approach that is discreet, and can be easier to fit into your daily life. With Invisalign appliances, you can move your teeth into better alignment with clear appliances that you can remove at any time.

Is Poor Smile Alignment Hurting Your Confidence?

If you have teeth that are poorly spaced, or seem to overlap, it can have a negative effect on your confidence. Crooked teeth often make people feel self-conscious, especially when they feel that orthodontic work should have occurred earlier in their life. Fortunately, Invisalign appliances have made the process of fixing these flaws more convenient.

Invisalign Treatment Can Be Easy To Fit Into Your Life

What kind of benefits can you enjoy from choosing Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth? One of the clearest benefits is the ability to move your teeth with an appliance that is difficult to see. Wearing Invisalign appliances in public and professional settings can be easy because you will not have to worry about them attracting unwanted attention. You can also be glad to have aligners that you can remove on your own at appropriate points in the day. While you should keep Invisalign appliances in place as often as possible, they can be taken out when you clean your teeth, or whenever you eat.

Our Practice Can Help You Make Big Changes To Your Smile

While orthodontic work with Invisalign can offer important oral health benefits, it can be hard to deny the cosmetic appeal of treatment! We offer these appliances as one of many solutions for patients who want to fix problems with their smile. You can learn about cosmetic dental procedures that help with teeth stains, as well as those that can restore the shape and size of teeth. For people who want to address several problems at one time, porcelain veneers can be effective as a smile makeover.

Talk To Oasis Family Dental About Invisalign Treatment

At Oasis Family Dental, patients who are ready to do something about poor dental alignment can be excited to discuss treatment with Invisalign! These appliances allow you to discreetly fix problems with your smile that are the result of poor spacing and alignment. To learn more about how we can help you, or to review your treatment options with any one of our convenient locations, contact us at the following:

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