While pain is already an unwelcome feeling, a persistent pain in your tooth can be particularly upsetting. Dental pain and sensitivity can be difficult to ignore and avoid, particularly when you are trying to eat or drink. The discomfort can also be alarming because you can be understandably concerned that something is really wrong with your oral health. If you have a recurring issue with pain or sensitivity, it could be due to an advanced cavity. Our Riverside, CA dental practice can examine the tooth to determine if this is the case, and recommend any restorative dental procedures that might be called for to address the matter. When you take action to have a tooth’s health restored, you can put a stop to pain, and prevent the problem from growing even worse over time!

An Untreated Cavity Can Start To Cause You Pain

A cavity may not be painful initially, but discomfort can become a big problem over time. As decay works its way through a tooth, it can cause an infection of your pulp, which is the space where living tissues are housed. Once this happens, pain is only one of several concerns you should have. A cavity that goes untreated for too long can damage a tooth so severely that the only treatment option left is a tooth extraction! The bacteria attacking your pulp can also create new problems by spreading through your roots. In other words, act quickly if you are experiencing tooth pain, as the problem can grow worse if you are not careful.

We Can Restore A Tooth Affected By An Advanced Cavity

If you start to experience a painful toothache, our practice can do more than just diagnose what is wrong with it. By performing a root canal procedure, we can stop an infection, and put an end to the risk facing your tooth. Once this is done, we can make sure that the tooth is properly restored by placing a dental crown over it. Crowns can be crafted to match the look of your natural teeth, so this is a solution that benefits your smile as well as your oral health.

Regular Checkups Limit Your Tooth Decay Risks

After experiencing a serious cavity, you can be eager to learn how you can avoid future problems with toothaches and other oral health concerns. Stay informed about the condition of your smile by scheduling regular dental exams. At every exam, problems can be identified and addressed before you start to experience active discomfort. These visits also include preventive care in the form of an expert teeth cleaning, which helps you avoid future cavities.

Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Can Take Care Of Your Cavity Troubles!

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