When is it time to say something to your dentist about bruxism? While your dentist can identify signs of wear and tear from teeth grinding during a routine dental exam, you can bring up your concerns if you have a tendency to wake up with pain in your face, teeth, or jaw joints. Bruxism can be difficult to stop, as people tend to grind their teeth throughout the night while they sleep. If this habit has led to noticeable dental damage, your Corona, CA dentist can talk to you about cosmetic dental treatment. We can also provide you with an appliance to stop the problem from continuing, so bruxism stops threatening your dental health.

Is Your Smile Starting To Show Signs Of Wear And Tear?

Bruxism can cause you to wake up in pain each morning, as the pressure from grinding or clenching your teeth can leave them sore. You can also struggle with discomfort that affects your jaw joints and muscles. Over time, this can lead to painful jaw issues that cause you to experience headaches, as well as problems with biting and chewing.

Of course, the problems with bruxism are not limited to feelings of discomfort. The problem can also lead to visible wear and tear that begins to undermine your confidence in your smile. You can start to notice how teeth look flatter, or even cause chips or cracks in your enamel. If this occurs, your smile can appear unhealthy or uneven, and begin to prematurely age you.

Reviewing Different Procedures That Can Restore Damaged Teeth

Your dentist can recommend different procedures for restoring teeth affected by bruxism. If you seek care before the damage affects your oral health, cosmetic dental work can be appropriate. Porcelain veneers can be affixed to the fronts of teeth that look misshapen or damaged in order to give them a healthy, natural look. We can also review the advantages of bonding and contouring work for improving the way you look. This approach can take less time, as no restorations have to be made to restore your smile.

What To Do If Your Tooth Is Badly Chipped Or Cracked

It may be necessary to restore teeth with dental crowns after they become damaged by bruxism. Dental crowns can protect teeth that are at risk for infection, and they can make biting and chewing more comfortable. In addition to full crowns that cover an entire tooth above the gum line, we can provide inlays and onlays, which allow you to preserve more of your natural tooth structure.

Your Corona, CA Dentist Can Help You Deal With The Effects Of Bruxism

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