Even with access to prompt care, a dental emergency can be a scary and unpleasant experience. An injury that affects your smile can leave you with permanent dental damage, pain, and a real concern about tooth loss. Hopefully, you will never have to experience something like this, but if you do, your Corona, CA dentist is ready to provide emergency dental treatment. An emergency appointment can ensure you spend less time in pain after a dental injury. It can also improve your odds of saving a tooth that has been broken or knocked loose.

Some Problems Require Prompt Attention From A Dental Professional

While it is important to seek out restorative dental work as soon as possible any time something is wrong with your oral health, some matters call for more urgent treatment than others. If you have been injured, and the problem will require expert treatment, an emergency appointment can be appropriate. With this in mind, we are prepared to offer same-day treatments for patients. In the event that your injury occurs outside of our office hours, we can even discuss an after-hours visit.

Keeping Your Tooth Safe While You Travel To Your Appointment

Many dental emergencies will result from a tooth being dislodged, or significantly broken. It is important that you keep a loosened or lost tooth as safe as possible while traveling to your appointment. Gently wash away any dirt that the tooth might have picked up, but avoid cleaning away tissues still attached to it. Put the tooth back in place if you can, but do not try to force it back in position. To transport part or all of your tooth, place it in a container with milk or salt water.

How Will I Look After My Emergency Work Is Done?

Even if you have prompt care for a serious dental emergency, a tooth may have to be replaced rather than restored. If this is the case for you, we can make plans to restore your smile with a lifelike tooth held in place with a dental implant, or we can plan to put in a lifelike dental bridge. The first goal will be to save your tooth. This can often involve placing a custom dental crown over it. You can be happy to know that a crown can provide functional support while also being a good visual match for your smile.

Your Corona, CA Dentist Can Help You Deal With A Dental Emergency

At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, our patients can count on us to see them if they experience a dental emergency. In the event that you require urgent care, we can discuss same-day or even after-hours treatment to help you deal with discomfort and physical trauma. For more information on the support our practice offers, or to make an appointment with another one of our locations closest to you, reach us at the following:

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