While a dental filling provides a conservative solution to a problem with a cavity, it is still a permanent restoration that has to occupy a portion of your tooth. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we offer patients dental fillings that are made from a composite material that imitates the appearance of healthy enamel. In addition to providing a good cosmetic match for your tooth, the filling is able to bond directly to your tooth structure to offer long-term support. While dental fillings are often used in cavity treatment, some issues with decay call for more support, and more involved restorative dental work. You can better protect yourself against cavities, and the complications they can cause, by staying consistent with regular dental checkups.

Cavities Cause Permanent Damage To Teeth

Even a small cavity can do permanent harm to your tooth. Because of this, a permanent restoration has to be placed to protect your tooth. Without one, you could experience further damage to your tooth structure, or develop a difficult infection.

Placing A Tooth-Colored Filling

The dental fillings used by your dentist to restore teeth are made with a composite material that can match the look of your surrounding tooth structure. That cosmetic match makes it easy to restore a tooth without changing the way it looks. These restorations also provide a remarkable degree of support because they can bond directly to your tooth structure. This helps them stay in place for the long term, and prevents problems with spaces opening up between the filling and your enamel. When those spaces develop, they can allow bacteria to gather and affect your dental health.

What If My Cavity Is Too Large For A Dental Filling?

It may be necessary to restore your tooth with something larger than a dental filling. A cavity that is especially large, or one that has led to an internal tooth infection, can call for treatment with a dental crown. Crowns require more modification of your tooth structure, as they fully cover a tooth above your gum line. This provides more support for a vulnerable tooth, and it can ensure you are still able to bite and chew comfortably. We can discuss placing a lifelike crown made of porcelain material if you need work done on a visible tooth.

Your Temecula, CA Dentist Can Provide You With A Tooth-Colored Filling

At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, patients who experience problems with tooth decay can come to us for restorative work featuring durable, lifelike restorations. Our practice can additionally offer support by providing preventive dental exams and cleanings to help you avoid future problems that might occur. You can make an appointment by contacting our practice at the number below, or by using the following contact information to reach one of our other locations nearest to you:

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