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Pediatric Dentistry Is More Than Preventive Care

In a recent blog post, we talked about keeping our kids safe during sports with a mouthguard. However, there are more problems than simply keeping your child’s teeth intact. Throughout their childhood, your young ones will experience baby teeth falling out, new ones growing in, cavities, and changes in the alignment of their teeth. At… Read more »

Helping You With Your TMJ and Bruxism

When it comes to your dental hygiene, there is more to worry about than preventing cavities and gum disease. Issues such as TMJ and tooth grinding can harm the health of your teeth, causing sensitivity and discomfort over time. At Riverside Dental Group in California, we can offer a solution for bruxism and TMJ. An… Read more »

Restoring Smiles Missing Teeth

Riverside Missing teeth

If you are missing one or more teeth, it is important to replace them for a variety of oral health reasons. Missing teeth create a more favorable environment for gum disease, issues with the bite, bone loss, and more. In today’s blog, our Riverside, CA dental office, discusses our prosthodontic solutions to replace teeth and keep your… Read more »

Booking Smile Exams For Your Family

Smile care that is provided on a consistent basis will help you protect yourself against different oral health threats. For your kids, these visits provide in-office support and important guidance as they learn to take care of their teeth without help. Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office can provide oral health services for people of all… Read more »

Boosting Confidence Through Tooth Bonding

Just one flaw can be all it takes for someone to lack confidence in their smile. If you are someone who feels unhappy with how they look because of a misshapen, damaged, or otherwise flawed tooth, you can be eager to do something about the problem, but wary of dental work that is too long… Read more »

Showing Off Your Smile After Receiving Veneers

Are you ready to show off a confident smile to the world, or do concerns about dental flaws make you reluctant to reveal your teeth? Even minor issues with spacing, damage, discoloration, or other concerns can be enough to make someone dissatisfied by how they look. What you should know is that there are effective… Read more »

Is Your Smile Care Routine Effective?

A truly effective smile care routine will help you avoid difficulties with your health and generally preserve the way you look. Many people feel that they are doing “enough” to keep their teeth and gums safe. However, that confidence can lead to a lack of attention to their habits, and that can leave them with… Read more »

How Can I Address Tartar Buildup?

Are you confident in the health of your smile? One issue that can hurt your dental hygiene is the presence of tartar buildup. The accumulation of these deposits will raise your risk for problems with dental decay as well as gum disease. While you can prevent the formation of this material with good oral hygiene… Read more »

How Veneers And Crowns Restore Teeth

When people seek help from their dentist, they can bring up different concerns. With that said, there are certain issues that tend to be shared. For example, whether you come in to discuss cosmetic treatment specifically or have an oral health issue to resolve, you can be eager to come away from treatment happy with… Read more »

Early Detection For Dental Trouble

Do you really need a dental exam to tell you if something is wrong with your smile? You may feel that the absence of noticeable discomfort or unwelcome physical changes means that you have nothing to worry over. What can surprise you is how oral health issues can develop and make care necessary before they… Read more »