Under normal circumstances, you should not experience pain or resistance while opening and closing your mouth. However, some people do have a hard time biting, chewing, and speaking because of discomfort, or because they find those movements difficult. If you are someone who experiences discomfort when moving their jaw, it can be a sign that TMJ disorder is affecting you. This problem occurs when there are unresolved problems causing pain or tension in your jaw joints and muscles. As these problems create stress, they can lead to experiences of pain, uncomfortable jaw movements, and even headaches and other discomforts. The matter can be reviewed at our Corona, CA dentist’s office.

Jaw Pain And Stiffness Can Be Symptoms Of TMJ Disorder

If you regularly experience jaw pain and stiffness in a typical day, the reason may be TMJ disorder. This problem can stem from several different issues. It may be a consequence of arthritis hurting your jaw joints, or the result of an injury that affected the alignment of these joints. Other causes include a flawed bite movement, which can occur if you have problems with vulnerable teeth that are not contributing enough to your bite.

Are You Experiencing More Discomfort In The Morning? Teeth Grinding May Be The Reason

Sometimes, TMJ disorder is linked to an unaddressed tendency to grind your teeth. This problem, known as bruxism, can lead to dental pain and sensitivity, damage to your enamel, and chronic discomfort. While the pain of TMJ disorder can last throughout the day, bruxism can be particularly painful during the morning, as you can grind your teeth unconsciously while you sleep. If the effects of grinding are serious enough, you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile.

An Oral Appliance Can Relieve Your Jaw Tension

When patients struggle with TMJ disorder and/or bruxism, an oral appliance crafted for your individual bite may be called for. Your dentist can gather the necessary information to have a custom guard designed for you. When worn, it can relieve tension in your jaw by gently moving your jaw into a more natural and comfortable position. An appliance worn at night can also help you by stopping you from grinding your teeth. In some cases, we can also recommend additional work, like the placement of dental crowns on teeth that are not able to provide proper biting and chewing force.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Your Jaw Troubles

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