If you are not brushing or flossing as effectively as recommended, you can be more likely to develop tooth decay. You can also be at higher risk for gum disease. These problems are concerning enough on their own – after all, you would have a hard time believing someone who said they were NOT concerned about the permanent damage caused by a cavity. With that said, you should be aware of the potential impact that your oral health can have on your general well-being. During a routine dental checkup at our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can talk to a patient about the way their dental health may impact their overall health. We can also offer guidance to help our patients make choices that better protect them!

Poor Oral Hygiene Can Put Your General Health At Risk

If you are not doing a good job brushing and flossing every day, more oral bacteria can build up on your teeth. When this happens, it can put you in jeopardy of more than just a cavity! Bacteria in your mouth can create additional troubles if they travel to your lungs, or another part of your body. Harmful microbes are capable of spreading when you have an untreated cavity, or when you have problems with gum disease.

Problems Linked To Poor Periodontal Health

You can look at your gums to determine if they might be affected by gingivitis. Watch out for bleeding, sensitivity, discoloration, and swelling – all of these issues can occur if the tissues are infected. When a person develops gum disease, there is a potential that the bacteria can travel to different parts of the body and create new problems. You can be more vulnerable to heart disease because of your unhealthy gums, and you can have a more difficult time managing existing health issues that you are already trying to control.

Follow These Steps To Improve Your Oral Care Routine

To protect your body and your smile, make sure you have a good oral care routine in place. Brush at least two times a day, and focus on cleaning every part of your smile. Floss at least once a day as well, as the spaces between your teeth can be hard to treat with your brush alone. Over time, better habits can help you avoid dental fillings and dental crowns, and they can protect you against other health matters!

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Can Help You Keep Your Smile Healthy

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