As young children grow up and taken on more independence, they can become responsible for important daily practices. When your kids begin to care for their teeth on their own, it can be important to confirm that they are developing good habits. The behaviors they develop early can be hard to shake later in life. Your Corona, CA dentist’s office provides guidance on brushing and flossing during pediatric dental checkups. These instructions, along with the routine preventive dental care we provide, can help kids learn to appreciate good oral health. With that said, you should still take an active role in encouraging the formation of good habits if you want them to grow up with healthy, happy smiles!

How Long Do Your Kids Spend Brushing Their Teeth?

An effective smile care routine is one that gives a person enough time to fully clean their teeth when they brush. You should spend at least two minutes working to remove plaque and food debris from even the hardest to reach spots if you want to avoid restorative dental work. To help your kids pick up on the importance of thorough brushing, consider putting a timer in their bathroom and setting it for them. This can encourage them to develop a consistency about brushing that helps them fight oral bacteria effectively.

Encourage Everyone In Your Household To Stick With Healthy, Low-Sugar Snacks

Because you are the one in charge of picking up groceries, you can make sure your kids have access to plenty of healthy snacks. While sugary, less healthy options often appeal to kids, it can be important to set a clear understanding that too much sugar is a dental problem that should be avoided. To further encourage them, set a good example by limiting yourself to healthy items between meals, too.

Make Sure You Set A Good Example With Your Own Oral Care Routine

Are you doing a good job protecting your smile against harmful tooth decay and gum disease? If you are, you can confidently model your behaviors for your kids to learn. If you have struggled with oral health problems in the past, talk with your dentist during a checkup about how you can improve. In addition to giving your kids a better oral health role model, you can pick up behaviors that better protect you against future issues!

Your Corona, CA Dentist Helps Patients Of All Ages Maintain Their Oral Health

At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we work with patients of all ages on important oral health care matters. We can help you make sure that your kids grow up with healthy smiles and good habits by offering preventive care in addition to helpful instructions during pediatric checkups. To reach our practice, or to contact one of our other locations closest to you, call us at the following:

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