If you injure your tooth, is treatment really a priority? It can take little effort to convince someone to see their dentist about a severe injury, or one that has hurt their smile, but you may be less inclined to worry if the injury is hard to see, or seemingly not serious. What you should know is that without treatment, there is a risk that your tooth will develop an infection. It is also possible for it to be hurt further if you put pressure on it before it is restored. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients when they require treatment for dental injuries. If the matter is serious, and causing you considerable pain, we do offer emergency dental services.

An Injured Tooth Can Develop A Worrying Infection

When your enamel is chipped, cracked, or damaged in another way, you do need to worry about your potential for developing an infection. Bacteria that infiltrate your tooth can damage the tissues housed in your pulp, and they can eventually travel through the roots to create new health complications. If your tooth remains in pain after your injury, or if it becomes painful or sensitive, an infection can be responsible.

Scheduling Endodontic Treatment

Through endodontic treatment, your dentist can address an infection that has affected the interior of your tooth. This can be done through root canal treatment, which is also used to restore teeth that have developed an advanced cavity. Root canal treatment can put a stop to your discomfort while also ensuring that bacteria will not travel any further. Once this work is completed, a restoration will be needed to keep the tooth safe.

What Will My Tooth Look Like After Treatment?

When restoring a patient’s tooth, we can provide a custom dental crown that fits comfortably. In addition to having the right shape and size, we can provide a restoration that is a good visual match. As a result, you can be relieved to see that your smile is not changed, even if the tooth that has been restored is in a visible area.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Is Ready To Help You Deal With An Injured Tooth

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to take care of patients who need treatment for a potential tooth infection. If you think something is wrong with your smile, and you want to discuss urgent care, contact us at the number below. You can also find contact information for our other locations that may be closer to you:

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