Once a restoration is put in place, it will serve its purpose by protecting your tooth against infection and physical trauma. When a dental filling or dental crown is used to restore a tooth, it is meant to be permanent. Does this mean that no one will ever have a problem with their restoration? Like our natural teeth, dental fillings and dental crowns are susceptible to damage. If you have a restoration that is broken, loosened, or completely lost, treat the situation as a serious oral health concern. This problem leaves your tooth without vital support, which means you can experience consequences if nothing is done. The problem may also do further harm to the tooth, which will need to be addressed. Our Corona, CA dental practice can take care of you in this situation. In fact, we can even set you up with urgent care if the matter calls for emergency dental treatment.

A Problem With Your Dental Restoration Puts Your Tooth At Risk

If a filling or crown is damaged, if one comes loose, or if it is fully lost, it leaves your tooth in an alarming condition. No longer protected, you face the threat of infection, and you may wind up causing the tooth physical harm. Until the matter is addressed, you can find it difficult to bite and chew without some discomfort. While it may not be possible to save your current filling or crown, we can take care of your tooth by placing a new one.

Receiving A Replacement For Your Restoration

A new dental restoration can provide your tooth with the lasting support it has recently lost. If you lose a dental filling, it may be necessary to replace it with a crown. This can happen if an older filling has damaged your enamel, leaving it in worse condition than when it was originally treated. Replacing an older crown with a new one can lead to both functional and cosmetic benefits, particularly if your older crown was not designed to be a good match for your smile.

Modern Restorations Can Offer Cosmetic Benefits

When performing restorative dental work, our practice is committed to taking care of a person’s smile while taking on oral health issues. We place composite resin fillings that imitate healthy tooth enamel, and actually bond to the surface of your tooth to provide enduring support. If your crown is in a visible location, we can discuss using a porcelain material to have it closely match the appearance of your neighboring teeth, which can deliver cosmetic benefits.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist If You Have A Problem With A Dental Restoration

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