Staying healthy means taking care of your body, but it also means taking care of your teeth. Adults who practice poor oral health habits can be more vulnerable to problems with their teeth and gums that carry surprising consequences. For kids, poor oral health can lead to issues that interfere with the development of their smile and oral structures. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is proud to provide quality dental care for patients of all ages. As part of our commitment to taking care of patients’ smiles, we can provide support and encouragement to help you maintain good oral health habits.

1. Make Sure Everyone Does A Good Job Brushing And Flossing

Parents can fall into the trap of rushing through their brushing and flossing routine, as the familiarity of the task can make them inattentive. If you are not being thorough about cleaning your smile, you can leave certain areas at greater risk for problems. One way to make sure you are doing a good job with these tasks is to check on your kids, and think about the guidance you give them. Brushing thoroughly means taking at least two minutes to clean every surface of every tooth at least twice a day. To fully protect your smile, you should floss at least once per day as well.

2. Take The Link Between Diet And Oral Health Seriously

The family meals you serve can be a factor in everyone’s risk for tooth decay. Simply put, people are more likely to need restorative dental work when they are not taking care to limit their exposure to sugar. Planning healthy meals is just part of how you can keep your family protected. Make sure you are also providing healthy snacks for your kids, and yourself!

3. Pay Attention To The Health Of Your Gums!

If bacteria build up at the bases of teeth, it can lead to problems with gum disease. When the problem goes untreated, you can become vulnerable to issues that impact your overall health as well as your smile. In addition to brushing and flossing thoroughly to clean the areas where your teeth and gums meet, be sure to check for signs of gingivitis like bleeding, swelling, and gum line recession.

Our Riverside, CA Dentist Can Help Area Families Take Great Care Of Their Teeth

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