By carrying mints or gum, you can guard yourself against a situation where others notice that you have bad breath. Unpleasant breath can be a common problem, and it is often linked to the consumption of foods with strong odors. With that said, some people can understandably grow concerned by the frequency of their issues with this problem. If you have frequent bouts of halitosis, it could be a sign that something is amiss with your oral health. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we can provide treatment for you to address an issue that might be responsible for your embarrassing issue.

Bad Breath And Oral Hygiene

If you have poor or inconsistent oral hygiene habits, you are more likely to leave bits of food behind on your teeth. These teeth, as well as accumulated bacteria, can make your breath unpleasant to others. Spend at least two minutes cleaning your teeth, and focus on removing any bacteria and food debris that might be present in those hard-to-reach areas. Remember that food particles and bacteria can gather between teeth, too. You can deal with this problem by flossing on a daily basis.

Gingivitis May Create Problems With Your Breath

Halitosis may be harder to prevent if you have gingivitis. This condition occurs when you allow bacteria to gather under your gums and infect the tissues. To determine if this is a problem, you should watch out for bad breath, swelling, changes in the color of your gums, and bleeding. The long-term consequences of poor periodontal health can be more serious than you realize. As the condition worsens, you can experience permanent damage to the tissues supporting teeth, which can make tooth loss a potential problem for you.

Strategies For Maintaining Fresher Breath

Keep consistent with your oral care routine to avoid breath problems. If the issue is difficult to beat, it could be due to gum disease or tooth decay, or just the accumulation of food debris in your mouth. Drinking more water can help you wash away food, and it can help you produce saliva to neutralize bacteria in your mouth. If you just want to prevent strong odors after a meal, chewing sugar-free gum can protect your teeth by encouraging saliva production.

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