Having a tooth knocked out can feel like the end of your smile as you know it, but there are ways to undo this seemingly permanent damage. Depending on the condition of your tooth, and the time it takes you to arrange treatment, there may be a way to save it. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office makes emergency dental appointments available in situations like this one. Having access to treatment with little advance notice can make a problem with dental injuries or tooth pain easier to manage. It should be noted that even with emergency treatment, your tooth may be too badly hurt to put back in place. In a situation like this, prosthetic dental work can be planned to give you back your complete smile.

Take Advantage Of Your Access To Emergency Dental Services

Patients should know that they can reach out to arrange treatment on short notice for different situations. In addition to helping with a lost tooth, we can work with someone whose tooth is chipped cracked, or loosened by trauma. If you have problems with dental pain, but did not experience an injury, urgent treatment can be appropriate. Leaving a toothache untreated can mean ignoring an infection, which can actually lead to the need to extract the tooth!

Tips For Handling A Dislodged Tooth

One thing you should remember is that you do not want to touch a lost tooth by its roots. Only handle it by its crown in order to preserve it. If it appears dirty, you can carefully rinse it with water but be careful not to remove any organic matter. Once you pick it up and prepare to transport it, a container of milk can help it stay moist and safe to potentially return.

A Dental Prosthetic Can Save Your Smile

If there is not a way to save your tooth because of a serious injury or infection, you can have your smile restored with a dental prosthetic. A dental bridge consists of two dental crowns, with one or more pontics (replacement teeth) in between them. When the crowns are placed on your remaining teeth, your bridge can remain secure enough to let you bite and chew without problems.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Is Able To Respond To Your Dental Emergency

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we are proud to provide important oral health services for our patients. That includes care in situations where it might be necessary to schedule emergency treatment. If you wish to learn more about our emergency services, or if you want to discuss treatment at one of our other locations closer to you, we are available at the following:

Riverside Dental Group at Woodcrest in Riverside, CA at (951) 776-9001.

Riverside Dental Group at Magnolia in Riverside, CA at (951) 689-5031.

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