Even at a young age, kids can be eager to try more things, and to do more for themselves. Of course, as parents can attest, they sometimes overestimate their readiness for certain tasks. When they are ready, your child will begin to brush and floss their own teeth. After years of having their teeth cared for by you, they should have some understanding of how to effectively brush and floss. With that said, they can still benefit from guidance. One thing to remember is that it is okay to wait until you are confident your child can perform these tasks themselves. If they start too soon, they can have a harder time preventing dental problems. Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office offers pediatric dental services, and we have helped many parents prepare their kids to take great care of their teeth.

Letting Your Child Clean Their Own Teeth Prematurely Can Lead To Problems

If your child is not quite ready to brush and floss effectively, they can do a poor job cleaning their teeth and have more risks for tooth decay. They can also fail to learn good practices, which can lead to problems with their dental health at a later age. The question of when they are ready is not just one of their maturity – your child needs to be coordinated enough to carefully and thoroughly clean their teeth.

Stay Involved In Their Smile Care Routine As They Learn Good Practices

Shortly after your child starts to brush and floss for themselves, you should still be present with them. That way, you can identify any mistakes they make, or shortcomings in their routine that should be corrected. By brushing and flossing with them, you can have them watch you to see what a better routine might look like.

Oral Hygiene Tips That Are Good For Everyone In Your Family

Everyone in your family should be comfortable practicing good oral hygiene. You can think of educating your child on brushing and flossing as an opportunity to check in on yourself and ensure that you are following the right procedures. When brushing, set up a timer for two minutes. The two of you should brush until it goes off – if this feels like an unusually long time, your routine may not be as effective as you realize. Remember to also make good choices with meals and snacks to prevent problems that might lead to a dental filling or dental crown.

Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist’s Office Helps Families Take Care Of Their Teeth

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