For the sake of your smile and your health, you should take your periodontal health seriously. If you fail to do so, you can experience long-term consequences related to gum disease. Gingivitis, the first stage of an infection, can be effectively treated so that your gums return to good health. However, if the problem is not managed properly, it can actually worsen – when this occurs, you can develop a more severe condition that does permanent damage to the tissues supporting your teeth. People with this problem are at higher risk for tooth loss, and they can be more susceptible to general health problems! At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we can provide consistent preventive dental care to help you avoid gingivitis. If you show signs of infection, we can arrange to treat the matter and help you fight to maintain healthy gums.

Is Your Daily Routine Protecting Your Gums From Gingivitis?

If you are worried about the effectiveness of your daily oral care routine, think about the work you currently put into cleaning your smile each day. One issue that can raise your risk for gingivitis is not flossing. If you are not flossing, you can fail to remove bacteria that build up between teeth. You can also have a difficult time avoiding periodontal problems if your brushing habits are less thorough. People who rush their routine are less likely to effectively clean at their gum line, which allows bacteria to build up at the base of teeth. These poor habits can also lead to more dental problems, and make you more vulnerable to cavities that call for restorative dental work.

Recognizing The Symptoms Of Poor Periodontal Health

What can you do to recognize signs of periodontal disease? Watch out for issues with bleeding gums, or tissues that appear discolored or swollen. These are all signs that an infection might be present. By improving your approach to cleaning, you can fight the bacteria that are responsible for gingivitis. You can also arrange periodontal care with your dentist.

The Long-Term Impact Of Gum Disease

If gum disease progresses, it can lead to permanent tissue damage that robs teeth of their support. In time, this damage can grow serious enough to cause tooth loss, which means you will have to discuss prosthetic dental work to save your complete smile. Bacteria that are attacking your periodontal tissues move through your bloodstream – when this happens, it is possible that general health issues can arise.

Our Corona, CA Dentist’s Office Helps Patients Manage Their Dental And Periodontal Health

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