Your physical and emotional health can interfere with your overall well-being in ways that could surprise you. One thing that you may not realize is that issues like fatigue, stress, and physical illness may affect your ability to maintain a healthy smile. These problems can lead to physical changes that make it harder for you to avoid dental problems, but they can also lead to changes in your behavior that affect your approach to your oral care regimen. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients keep their teeth in good shape through consistent preventive dental care. In the time between appointments, make sure your dental care remains a priority if you want to avoid problems like gingivitis, or the formation of cavities.

Stress And Fatigue May Interfere With Your Oral Care Routine

If you are frequently stressed, or if you feel tired most days, your negative feelings can make it harder to prioritize basic self-care practices. Too tired to get out of bed when your alarm goes off? You may cut into the time you have to brush your teeth. You can also miss out on basic oral care when you fall asleep before taking the time to brush before your planned bedtime. Stress can affect your focus, but it is also a concern because it can cause physical changes that hurt your oral health. For example, you may be more prone to dry mouth, which makes it harder for your body to naturally fight oral bacteria. You can also start to develop a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth.

Keep Your Smile Healthy When You Feel Ill

Feeling ill can lead to dental problems because of dry mouth, which can be caused by certain medications. You can also feel less motivated to brush and floss when you are physically uncomfortable, or feel worn down by poor health. Unfortunately, even a short-term disruption in your routine can lead to the buildup of plaque, which can harden to tartar.

Committing To A Consistent Oral Health Care Routine Over Time

If you stick to a consistent oral care routine, and resist the urge to break from your habits, you can lower your chances of needing dental fillings or dental crowns in the future. Prioritizing your smile, even when you feel stressed, tired, or ill can help you keep your teeth bright and healthy for longer. It can also help you prevent periodontal problems, which can affect a person’s well-being and risk for tooth loss.

Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Helps Patients Maintain Healthy Smiles

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