Once you have a dental restoration placed, you should be comfortable biting, chewing, and speaking the way you always have. In other words, you should not feel that you need to avoid putting pressure on a tooth after receiving a dental filling or dental crown, and you should not feel that the tooth is vulnerable to further harm. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office has helped many people by taking care of teeth that were affected by dental injuries or decay. We can also help those who start to feel that an older restoration is no longer giving them the support that it should. If you think something is wrong with an older filling or crown, make an appointment so that we can address the matter and ensure your tooth remains safe and secure.

Fillings And Crowns Are Meant To Provide Permanent Protection

Dental fillings and dental crowns are placed on teeth to give them permanent protection. Unfortunately, there is not a way for our teeth to naturally heal after restorative dental work is performed, so it will be important to have a restoration remain in place. Unfortunately, over time a restoration may become worn down, or you could experience damage that becomes a concern. If nothing is done, the problem can lead to more harm to your tooth!

Should I Treat This Like An Emergency?

If you have a problem with a filling or crown, you should try to have it addressed by your dentist as soon as possible. Putting off your appointment can lead to your vulnerable tooth becoming hurt or infected, which creates new problems for your oral health. Let your dentist know as soon as you think something is wrong, and be sure to mention any related issues with pain or sensitivity that might affect the tooth.

Receiving A Modern Restoration To Support Your Tooth

If there is a problem with an older dental filling or crown, a new one can be provided. Because our practice makes restorations made from modern materials available, this can actually lead to a positive change in your appearance. This can be welcome news to anyone who has been stuck with a metal restoration that seemed to draw unwanted attention and negatively affect their appearance.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help You If You Have A Loose Filling Or Crown

Have you recently been affected by a problem with a dental filling or crown? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to take care of individuals who need work done to address problems with a damaged, worn, or uncomfortable restoration. To discuss treatment, or to reach another one of our locations closer to you, contact us at the following:

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