How worried should you be if you think you are grinding your teeth while you sleep? Is this just a cause of discomfort, or is it something that can significantly impact your well-being? In time, an unresolved problem with teeth grinding can hurt your smile, create problems with your bite, and even cause chips and cracks in your enamel! At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we can recognize signs of this issues, known as bruxism, during a routine oral health evaluation. Once the matter is identified, we can discuss treatment for existing dental damage, and also talk about how we can keep your teeth safe against nightly grinding issues.

How Can Teeth Grinding Affect You?

If teeth grinding is starting to become a problem, you may notice that you often wake up with headaches, facial pain, or issues with dental sensitivity. While these problems are hard to ignore, they may not feel serious enough for some people to seek the advice of their dentist. You should be aware that in time, the pressure from grinding and clenching your teeth can lead to permanent dental damage. To restore your smile, you may need to inquire about cosmetic dental work, or even discuss treatment with dental crowns!

You May Be Grinding Your Teeth While You Are Asleep – We Can Help

Problems with teeth grinding can be difficult to address because it continues to happen while you are asleep. To put a stop to the problem in this situation, we can provide you with a custom appliance to put in place before you go to bed. When you wear it, the appliance can keep your teeth apart so that there is no longer any friction as you clench. This protects your teeth, and it can help ease tension affecting your jaw joints and muscles.

Restoring Teeth That Are Worn Or Damaged

The right approach to restoring your smile can depend on how severe wear and tear has already become. Dental crowns can be necessary if teeth are weakened by damage, or if they are vulnerable to further harm. If the problem is still just a cosmetic matter, we may discuss using porcelain veneers to restore your smile. Veneers occupy less space than crowns, making this treatment option more conservative.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist’s Office About Teeth Grinding Issues

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