By instilling the value of good oral health in your kids at an early age, you can help them enjoy a lifetime with healthy teeth! There are many lessons that you will need to impart to your youngsters as they learn to care for themselves. When they are old enough to start brushing and flossing on their own, it is important that you show them how to perform these tasks well. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help you with this during our pediatric dental appointments with your kids. At these appointments, we can provide traditional preventive care in addition to lessons on good dental hygiene at home! You can further assist them by encouraging them to follow good habits…and by modeling your own!

Establishing Good Habits At An Early Age

Even before they are brushing and flossing their own teeth, you should talk to your kids about why it is important to keep their smiles clean. Discussing the value of oral health care, and showing them that their teeth are important, can make it clear to them that this is not a matter to brush off. When they are ready to start caring for their teeth, they can be more attentive and more focused on sticking to good habits.

Oral Hygiene Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

There are certain problems that patients of all ages should avoid when it comes to oral health care.  When brushing, it should take you at least two minutes to make sure every part of your smile is completely cleaned. Model this for your kids, and use a timer to help them establish what thorough brushing feels like. Remember that even with good brushing habits, flossing will be important. Show them how to floss, and make sure they perform this task every day. By doing so, it is easier to prevent gum disease and dental decay, as bacteria in hard-to-reach spaces is consistently being removed.

Discuss Preventive Dental Care During Your Next Exam

If you want to make sure you are providing your kids the best possible instructions, talk to your dentist about what you can do to encourage them when you are at your own routine dental exam. One benefit to finding an all-ages practice is the ability to speak to your dentist about your child’s oral health at your appointment, and to learn what they could be doing to better protect themselves against problems.

Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help Your Family Keep Your Teeth Healthy!

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