Even if a cavity is caught in its early stages, it will be necessary to address permanent damage to your enamel. Fortunately, a dental filling can restore your tooth while leaving your surrounding healthy tissues intact, minimizing the amount of work needed to bring your smile back to good health. Dental fillings provide functional support while also keeping a tooth safe against a future infection. Once a restoration has been placed, you should feel confident biting and chewing like you always have. Thanks to the composite resin material used to create fillings, we can even provide treatment to preserve your appearance! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients of all ages stay on top of their oral health needs, and we are ready to respond when cavity treatments are needed!

Why Is A Dental Restoration Necessary For Cavity Treatment?

The unfortunate reality of tooth decay is that the damage is permanent. While your enamel can recover from some erosion, the damage from a cavity is not something you will naturally bounce back from, which means some form of protection for damage is required. When a dental restoration is placed, it stops potential problems with bacteria gathering in the space where a cavity previously formed. Restorations can also help to ensure your tooth is still strong enough to take the pressure created by biting and chewing.

What To Expect From Your Dental Filling

A dental filling can be discreetly placed, as it is created from a resin material that matches the look of your natural tooth structure. When applied, this material actually bonds with your enamel, creating a level of support that can keep a tooth safe from harm. Treatment should effectively keep you guarded against infections as well as functional problems. If a tooth no longer feels adequately supported by a filling, make sure your dentist knows this as soon as possible.

Is it Always Possible To Protect A Tooth With A Dental Filling?

Cavities are not always addressed with dental fillings. The damage from decay is sometimes too severe for these restorations to provide the support that a tooth needs. To answer this problem, we can provide a dental crown. Dental crowns completely cover teeth above the gum line. They act in their place when you bite and chew, and they also keep the vulnerable tooth safe from any infections.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Is Prepared To Help You With Your Cavity Concerns

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