In the event that you experience a tooth injury, you should take care to see your dentist as soon as possible. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we actually offer up emergency dental services, which means we can bring you in to treat the matter with minimal delay. Prompt care is about more than just making a person comfortable or restoring their appearance. An injury that goes untreated can lead to complications that further affect the health of the tooth. A seemingly small chip or crack can grow, and an infection can leave you with serious, lingering pain. Just as we can offer lifelike dental restorations during routine restorative dental work, we can make plans to restore your appearance as well as your dental health at your emergency visit.

A Dental Injury Should Be Treated As Promptly As Possible

Ignoring a dental injury, or making the choice to put off treatment, can lead to undesirable consequences. You may do further harm to the tooth, which means more of the healthy enamel is permanently lost. If you break a tooth too badly after the initial injury, it may be in such poor condition that it cannot be saved. It is also possible that your injury has led to the formation of an infection. Infections cause discomfort, and as the bacteria in a tooth grow and spread, you do face the risk for further health issues until a root canal procedure is performed.

What Can Your Dentist Do For Your Tooth During Your Appointment?

At an emergency appointment, we can promptly address your discomfort and assess the condition of the tooth. If an evaluation reveals that the damage is only superficial, we can rely on conservative cosmetic dental procedures to restore the way you look. If there are concerns about your oral health, we can address them before planning to support the tooth with a lifelike dental appliance.

Emergency Care Can Lead To The Restoration Of Your Smile

Even if your tooth is seriously injured, we can find a way to restore both your oral health and your appearance. We can protect teeth with inlays, onlays, and full crowns made from lifelike porcelain, effectively hiding damage while ensuring the tooth is strong enough to bite and chew without problems. If there is no way to save the tooth, we can discuss replacing it with a lifelike appliance held to its proper spot by a dental implant.

Your Corona, CA Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Offer Emergency Services

Our Corona, CA dentist’s office has experience treating patients who come in to see us about urgent oral health matters. If you find yourself in need of urgent treatment, you can contact us – or one of our other locations closer to you – at the following:

Dental Associates of Corona in Corona, CA at (951) 273-9580.

Riverside Dental Group at Magnolia in Riverside, CA at (951) 689-5031.

Dental Associates of Moreno Valley in Moreno Valley, CA at (951) 697-6800.

Riverside Dental Group at Woodcrest in Riverside, CA at (951) 776-9001.

Oasis Family Dental in Temecula, CA at (951) 695-2290.

Dental Associates of Riverside in Riverside, CA at (951) 369-1001.