Why is it necessary to leave a dental filling in place after a cavity treatment? Even if one only does a small amount of damage, all of the harm caused by a cavity will be permanent. In other words, the tooth will forever lose the portion of your enamel affected by decay before restorative dental work was performed. What you should know is that a tooth can be damaged so badly that a filling is not supportive enough to protect your tooth. In these situations, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to treat the matter and ensure that your tooth remains safe.

How Do Dental Fillings Fit Into Cavity Treatment?

A dental filling is placed at the end of a cavity treatment. Before you receive your restoration, your dentist will carefully and thoroughly remove the decayed tissues present, then clean the enamel to clear away bacteria. After these steps occur, a filling will be applied to keep you safe. If the treatment is in an area that will be conspicuous, we can use a composite substance that will blend in with your surrounding enamel to avoid detection.

Arranging A Procedure To Restore Your Oral Health

If your dentist identifies a cavity during a routine dental exam, or if you come into our practice with concerns about decay, we can make plans to fully care for the tooth. The first step will be to assess the problem and see how much harm has already occurred. Once this is done, we can move forward with plans to restore the tooth by taking care of infected tissues and putting a restoration in position. If the cavity has already caused an infection to occur, the process of caring for your tooth will have to include root canal therapy.

We Can Also Use Inlays, Onlays, And Full Crowns To Restore A Tooth

So what is going to happen if the tooth experiences more damage than a filling can treat? In these circumstances, we can use inlays and onlays, or even full dental crowns, to make sure that a tooth stays safe and secure. Inlays and onlays only cover portions of teeth, but they are able to extend over a greater area than a filling could. When it is called for, a full crown can completely surround your tooth structure and protect it against harm.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office About Receiving A Dental Filling

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