If you are frequently grinding your teeth at night, you can quickly discover just how difficult this problem can make your life. Habitual grinding, known as bruxism, is capable of creating enough pressure to wear down teeth, changing their shape and even causing enamel damage. This problem can also become an issue by causing TMJ problems that make your jaw stiff or sore, even to the point of making it hard for you to bite and speak! At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who are struggling with bruxism can receive a custom appliance that will help them rest through the night without problems from grinding or clenching their teeth. In addition to helping you by stopping the problem from causing more harm, we can recommend treatment if dental damage has already occurred.

1. Teeth Grinding Can Be Connected To TMJ Disorder

The connection between TMJ disorder and bruxism can move both ways. What this means is that people who grind their teeth can later develop problems with the health or alignment of their jaw, and that people who have existing jaw problems may develop a tendency to grind or clench. If you currently have one of these issues but not the other, it may just be a matter of time before both affect your quality of life.

2. Grinding Your Teeth Can Lead To Gum Line Recession

While gum line recession is often attributed to gum disease, there are other issues that can  cause it. You can affect your gum line by brushing aggressively, or you can cause this problem by grinding your teeth. Changes in your gum line can be an issue for your appearance, and they can also make you more vulnerable to future bouts of gingivitis.

3. Your Issues With Bruxism Can Lead To Damaged Teeth

Just how much harm can bruxism do to a person’s smile? You may notice that your teeth are beginning to look flat, or that some are misshapen. In time, you could wind up doing more severe damage to your enamel, chipping or cracking it severely enough to require restorative dental work. If you treat bruxism before significant dental damage occurs, you can talk with your dentist about a cosmetic dental procedure to hide flaws.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Frequent Teeth Grinding

When you develop an issue with habitual teeth grinding, it can be difficult to put a stop to the problem without the help of your dentist. Fortunately, our practice is able to help patients put an end to grinding while also addressing damages that may have already occurred. To learn more, please call our practice – or one of our other locations that might be closer to you – at the following:

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