Hopefully, you will leave your next routine dental exam without the need for any follow-up services. By taking consistent care of your smile between visits, you can ensure that you do not need to worry about treatment until your next scheduled checkup. Unfortunately, many people – even those who try to be consistent with smile care – will wind up needing cavity treatment at some point. What will happen if your Riverside, CA dentist identifies a problem that calls for restorative dental treatment? In this situation, we can determine how serious the cavity is, and what kind of procedure might be needed to make sure the tooth is protected. When decay is found in time, the problem can typically be addressed with the placement of a dental filling.

Your Dentist Can Identify A Cavity Before It Draws Your Attention

You may not realize that something is wrong when you go in for your routine dental appointment. When a cavity first forms, it may not attract your notice, so you can have no clue that you might need treatment. Fortunately, a review of your smile can lead to the discovery of decay that you have overlooked. The good news is that early detection means early treatment, which preserves more of your healthy tooth structure.

Undergoing Cavity Treatment With A Discreet Restoration

Both our dental fillings and dental crowns can be made to blend in with your smile. Both restorations can go undetected even if they are being used to restore a tooth in a prominent area. A dental filling only takes up the space where a cavity formed, leaving the surrounding enamel alone. The material will harden and bond with the outer surface of your tooth to provide a remarkable degree of support. With a dental crown, it becomes possible to treat teeth that need more support than a filling offers. Your restoration will cap your tooth, covering it entirely above the gum line. We can also use inlays and onlays to treat you. While these cover more than a dental filling, they do not completely envelop your tooth the way a full crown would.

Checkups Play An Important Role In Cavity Prevention, Too

Checkups do more than just let you know if you have a cavity! Because your smile is cleaned by your hygienist during your appointment, you will have harmful plaque and tartar deposits cleared away so that they no longer threaten to hurt your smile. By having these agents removed, you become less likely to suffer from decay that requires professional services.

Count On Preventive And Restorative Care From Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office

At our dental office in Riverside, CA, patients can count on our support if they show signs of dental decay. In addition to treating cavities, we provide preventive services to help you avoid them. To find out more, please call our practice – or one of our other locations closer to you – at the following:

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