When cavity treatment is called for, our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can take care to fully restore your tooth while preserving as much of your healthy enamel as possible. We can also take care to provide treatment that prevents changes to your appearance. If possible, we will use a conservative dental filling to restore a tooth, as this approach only affects the area where decay formed. However, if a larger restoration is required, we can make sure that your tooth is protected by putting a custom dental crown in place. We can use full crowns for treatment, but we also offer inlays and onlays, which take up less space and require less work on your tooth structure.

What Role Do Restorations Play In Cavity Treatments?

A restoration has to be placed to complete a cavity treatment. If this is not provided, your tooth will remain vulnerable to physical injury or infection, as the damage done by decay is permanent. To protect you, we can either use a dental filling, which is applied directly to the area where a cavity formed, or a custom dental crown. Crowns occupy more space than a filling, but they are able to provide protection when a filling is simply not supportive enough to keep the tooth safe.

You May Not Require A Full Dental Crown

Inlays and onlays cover portions of a tooth, but leave more of the structure intact. This allows us to preserve more of your enamel and limit the advance work performed before you receive your restoration. Your different options can be designed to match the look of your tooth structure, which can ensure that whatever option is chosen is not going to negatively affect your appearance! All are strong enough to support your tooth so that you can bite and chew without worrying that you might be putting it at risk.

Regular Checkups Will Help You Avoid Cavities That Require Larger Restorations

While dental crowns can provide lasting protection without changing your smile, you should still take care to avoid them! One way to do this is to schedule regular dental checkups. At your regular checkups, you will receive updates about the condition of your teeth, including early warnings about decay. With a problem identified and properly treated with a filling, you can have cavity concerns resolved before there is a need for more involved treatment.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist’s Office About Cavity Treatment

At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to help individuals who require treatment in the form of a dental crown. These restorations provide lasting support for teeth that are affected by decay, and they can help with physical injuries. To learn more, or to speak with one of our other locations closer to you, we can be reached at the following:

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