At a routine dental checkup, you should feel free to talk about more than just tooth decay. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can speak with you about a range of concerns you have about your oral health. For example, if you are struggling with stiffness or pain in your jaw when you speak or chew, you should talk with your dentist about the issue and its impact on your life. These difficulties can be warning signs of TMJ disorder. There are many issues that can result in TMJ disorder, a problem that affects the alignment and condition of your jaw. These problems can include chronic teeth grinding, which can wear down your enamel and lead to worrying dental damage. By identifying and treating this problem, we can help you move past your discomforts!

Dental Checkups Are Concerned With More Than Just Cavities

While it is important to check patients for cavities during every exam, our practice is concerned with more than just this one oral health threat. We can look for signs of problems with your teeth, gums, and oral structures. We can also talk with you if you have difficulty moving your jaw, issues with pain, or signs of poor joint alignment. The goal during preventive visits is to identify and treat any problems that might threaten your smile and well-being. To achieve this goal, we concern ourselves with more than just dental decay!

TMJ Disorder Can Become A Daily Issue

TMJ disorder can make it hurt to speak, laugh, chew, bite, or yawn. Any movement of your jaw can become stiff and painful, which can affect your mood and quality of life while also causing products with headaches and neck pain. If your problems include teeth grinding, it can also lead to a gradual worsening of your oral health as teeth become worn down. By treating your problems with a custom oral appliance, we can address concerns about the alignment of your jaw joints and give you back the ability to bite and chew comfortably.

We Can Also Help With Teeth Grinding Problems

When TMJ disorder includes problems with teeth grinding, it can result in dental damage that affects your smile, and may even hurt your oral health. If you are already dealing with wear and tear from teeth grinding when you receive TMJ treatment, we can discuss procedures that can help. To hide the esthetic effects of wear and tear, we can recommend cosmetic dentistry. However, some people may require dental crowns to fully restore their teeth if more severe harm has occurred.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Jaw Pain And Stiffness

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who are struggling with jaw pain and stiffness can discuss their concerns, and learn how treatment for TMJ disorder can help them. To learn more, or to reach one of our locations closer to you, we can be contacted at the following:

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