At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide consistent preventive dental care to keep your smile free of problems. Patients who stick with semiannual checkups can make sure that their teeth stay healthy. If problems do arise, they can be spotted and treated before there are complications. Unfortunately, some people stay away from the dentist’s office until they are convinced that something is wrong. By the time they have an evaluation, the condition of their tooth could be poor enough to require advanced care. While tooth extraction is a last resort for treating a tooth, it is needed on some occasions so that a person’s overall oral health can recover. If we need to take this step to restore your smile, we can make sure that the tooth is safely removed, and that we can move forward with treatment to replace the lost tooth.

A Tooth With Significant Health Issues May Need To Be Extracted

If a tooth is in poor health, there may be no way to save it. This can happen with a severe cavity goes untreated, or when physical trauma causes significant harm. Whenever possible, your dentist will save a tooth rather than remove it. With that said, the removal process can put a stop to active pain from your problem, and it can stop a potential spread of bacteria through the roots of a tooth.

Carefully Removing An Unhealthy Tooth

Before the removal of a tooth occurs, we can prevent discomfort by numbing the area where treatment is taking place. Thanks to our experience, and tools designed to perform careful removals, we are able to extract a problem tooth without issues. After a tooth is removed, you can require time to heal. We will talk you through what to expect in this period, and what you can do to enjoy a successful recovery.

We Can Provide A Prosthetic Appliance To Replace The Tooth You Lose

After removing a tooth, we can restore your smile by providing you with a durable and lifelike prosthetic. A dental bridge can give you support for your bite while also improving the way you look. Performing this work can help you avoid a loss of confidence in your smile, but it also provides oral health advantages that should not be overlooked.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Tooth Extraction

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we are ready to take care of your smile, even when a tooth extraction has to take place to restore your oral health. To learn more, or to reach one of our other locations that is closer to you, call us at the below:

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