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When Wisdom Teeth Cause You Harm

Woman Brushing Teeth in Discomfort

Feeling pain or discomfort in your mouth and jaw is a serious issue to discuss with your dentist. You may find that the source of the problem is not decay or infection, but instead it is a new set of molars. The arrival of your wisdom teeth in adolescence or early adulthood can cause painful… Read more »

The Arrival Of Your Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Discomfort

If you are starting to experience general discomfort in your jaw, or feel that your teeth are unusually sore or sensitive, the arrival of your wisdom teeth could be responsible. When wisdom teeth begin to erupt, they often cause issues because there is just not enough space in your mouth to accommodate them. This can… Read more »

How A Tooth Extraction Leads To Oral Health Improvements

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide consistent preventive dental care to keep your smile free of problems. Patients who stick with semiannual checkups can make sure that their teeth stay healthy. If problems do arise, they can be spotted and treated before there are complications. Unfortunately, some people stay away from the… Read more »

Things to Remember About Tooth Extraction

When you take consistently good care of your smile, you have a good chance of preserving all of your healthy, natural teeth. So, when your dentist tells you that you need tooth extraction, it might seem like you failed. However, the need for tooth extraction can occur for many different reasons, and even though it… Read more »