When a tooth chips, cracks, or experiences damage in some other way, you should make a trip to the dentist’s office a priority. There are several reasons to promptly address dental injuries. One pressing concern is that the tooth’s condition can worsen in time, particularly if you are not able to put pressure on it because it is loose or damaged. There is also a potential concern about infection, which can worsen in time and eventually lead to the loss of the tooth. Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help people who experience dental injuries. We can actually bring you in on short notice for an emergency dental appointment. At this appointment, your tooth can be evaluated and treated before its condition worsens, and protected with a restoration that can preserve your bite function and smile.

How Worried Should I Be About An Injured Tooth?

If you injure your tooth and notice any signs of damage, or feel that you are not able to comfortably bite or chew, you should make its treatment a priority. Putting off an evaluation can be a bad idea because the tooth can experience more damage. If the tooth looks fine but feels sore or sensitive, you should know that the reason could be an internal injury. Internal damage can gradually worsen, which can lead to more pain and tooth loss!

Scheduling Treatment For A Dental Emergency

When an injury calls for treatment without delay, we are ready to meet you for emergency dental treatment. At your emergency procedure, your dentist will carefully evaluate your tooth to see how much harm has occurred. Once an assessment is complete, we can see what kind of care should take place. It is often necessary to restore a tooth by performing root canal therapy. A root canal will address internal damages, which will stop discomfort.

We Can Restore Your Smile When We Treat Your Injury

If you are concerned about the cosmetic impact of an injury, know that the right restoration can protect your tooth without making changes to the way you look. We can provide a custom dental crown that matches the color and texture of healthy tooth enamel. It will be able to match the look of your overall smile, and it can still provide needed bite support.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Emergency Care For Your Injury

At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, individuals who experience dental emergencies have access to emergency dental treatment. To find out more about how we can help you, or to reach one of our other locations near you, call us at the following:

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