How much effort do you put into protecting yourself against tooth decay? If you want to stay safe against the formation of cavities, there are several actions that you should take. On a daily basis, you should thoroughly brush and floss your teeth to prevent the buildup of oral bacteria. You should also be smart about your diet, as you should aim to limit your exposure to harmful sugars. While these day-to-day actions certainly matter, know that there are other habits that you should stick to if you really want to protect yourself. For example, you should make a point of seeing your dentist for routine dental checkups on a semiannual basis. By doing so, you give your Riverside, CA dentist regular opportunities to check on your smile and look for problems. You also make time for professional teeth cleanings that keep you safe against the formation of tartar, which can lead to cavity troubles.

How Long Has It Been Since Your Teeth Were Cleaned At The Dentist’s Office?

Unless your dentist has already told you to follow something different, you should stick to a pattern of scheduling preventive care every six months. This means that on a semiannual basis, you will receive a thorough cleaning of your smile to remove harmful tartar buildup. By undergoing this cleaning, you make yourself less vulnerable to cavities as well as gum disease. While tartar is not something that you can remove on your own, you can limit your risk for accumulating it by sticking to good brushing and flossing habits at home.

Tartar Can Be A Serious Problem For Your Smile

If tartar buildup occurs, it can be difficult to protect yourself against the formation of problems that require restorative dental work. What makes tartar so worrisome is that once deposits form, they will remain in place until your teeth are professionally cleaned again. The longer you go between these sessions, the more likely you are to experience problems that require procedures like the placement of a dental filling or dental crown.

Other Benefits To Regular Preventive Care

In addition to helping you avoid problems with tooth decay, your regular exams will keep you informed about the condition of your jaw and bite function. They also lead to the discovery and treatment of cavities that have developed already – when decay is caught and treated in time, you avoid potential complications that will require root canal therapy.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Scheduling A Teeth Cleaning

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, individuals can count on thorough teeth cleanings to remove harmful tartar deposits. Those sessions make you less likely to have difficulties with cavities and gum disease, so you are less likely to need more involved oral health care in the future. To find out more, please call our practice – or another of our locations that is closer to you – at the following:

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