If you needed cavity treatment at your last dental checkup, or if you somewhat frequently require restorative dental work after an exam, you should start to reevaluate your approach to preventive dental care. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we can walk patients through changes to their smile care routine that can lead to better protection against cavities. One thing to remember is that even with an improved commitment to oral hygiene, you should make regular dental checkups a priority. At these appointments, you receive helpful feedback about the condition of your smile as well as a cleaning to remove any tartar buildup that formed since your last visit.

Make Sure That You Floss Each Day

It is important to recognize that by flossing, you effectively clean parts of your smile that would be difficult to access with only your toothbrush. The areas where our teeth meet offer little room for brush bristles, but your floss string can more easily remove food debris and harmful microbes in these spaces. Flossing is also an effective way to keep you safe against gingivitis – to make sure you enjoy protection for your gums, make sure you bring the string all the way down to the base of your teeth.

Cut Soft Drinks And Other Products That Are High In Sugar

A varied, nutrient-rich diet is good for your general health as well as your oral health. If you struggle to avoid problems with tooth decay, a reduction in sugar can help you avoid future dental fillings and dental crowns. One way to quickly cut back on sugar is to reduce your consumption of soft drinks. These beverages are also harmful to teeth due to their acidity. Consuming acidic products can cause your enamel to weaken, making you more vulnerable to problems later.

Make Sure You Stay Consistent With Dental Exams

A better daily routine will help you limit your buildup of plaque, which reduces your risk for tartar accumulation. With that said, you should remain consistent with regular dental checkups in order to stay protected against an accumulation of tartar, just as you should have your dentist check you for any developing problems that need to be addressed. Remember that in addition to helping you with problems like dental decay and gingivitis, checkups lead to the detection and treatment of problems like TMJ disorder and teeth grinding.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist’s Office For More Tips On Avoiding Cavities

Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you avoid problems with your oral health. At regular appointments, we can provide care in the office while also providing guidance that helps you take better care of your smile at home! To make an appointment, or to speak with one of our locations that is closer to you, reach out at the following:

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