It may be a minor issue, one that does not affect your oral health at all, but a visible tooth flaw can still be a big concern for you. That one problem can draw more attention than you are comfortable with, and it can effective spoil your smile symmetry, making you less confident in your appearance overall. You can be happy to know that with a dental bonding procedure, this type of problem can be discreetly addressed so that you no longer have to feel self-conscious about the way you look. Bonding procedures do not require the placement of a restoration on a tooth, which means less work is done to modify it overall.

What Changes Would You Like To Make To Your Smile?

Are you bothered by a tooth that looks too small, or one that appears inappropriately large? Do you find it difficult to ignore a space between two teeth, or a chip or crack in your enamel? Problems like these may not be serious enough to require restorative work, but they can still concern you. Through cosmetic dentistry, our practice is able to address those issues that hurt your appearance but not your oral health. One approach, dental bonding, will restore a tooth’s appearance through the application of a resin material that can hide flaws without needing to cover the tooth with a veneer or crown. This means less work is involved, and more of your natural tooth structure remains intact!

Addressing Specific Flaws Through Dental Bonding Treatment

The bonding process will see your tooth restored with a special resin material that can actually bond with your enamel. It can be applied in order to hide a chip or crack, brighten a tooth that looks dull, or even close a gap between teeth! This is a versatile procedure that minimizes actual changes, one that can help people finally move past frustrating anxieties over the way they look without requiring significant work on their tooth structure.

Other Options For Addressing Dental Flaws

We do also have the option of restoring the look of a tooth with a porcelain veneer. While this approach requires more preparatory work, the material used to construct your veneer is stronger, and can be easier to maintain. Know that if your only concern is with the color of your smile, we can leave your tooth structure unchanged and move forward with a professional whitening procedure.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Bonding Treatment

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