Living with an incomplete smile can prove difficult, as you can lack confidence in your smile and also feel uncomfortable when biting and chewing certain foods. Unfortunately, the frustrations you experience can worsen in time, as you face a greater risk for losing more teeth and are more likely to develop problems with your bite function. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, patients who are affected by tooth loss can meet with us to discuss the benefits of implant dentistry. Dental implant-held prosthetic appliances make it easier for you to bite and chew, as they are permanently secured in place. They also help protect you against jawbone deterioration, a problem that affects people who have lost teeth.

How Dental Implants Fit Into Plans To Restore Your Full Smile

If you close a gap in your smile with a permanent dental prosthetic, you can have an easier time biting and chewing without difficulties. Implants hold dental crowns and other restorations firmly to your jawbone. How stable is this arrangement? You should be able to comfortably bite down and put pressure on the restoration, as it will be anchored to your jaw. The prosthetic appliance that we use to restore your implant can imitate your lost tooth, allowing you to improve your appearance as well as your dental health.

Scheduling Implant Placement Surgery

As we plan your implant placement and restoration, we can actually arrange the oral surgery needed to set the implant in position. Implants are placed directly into your jawbone, after which you will wait for your jaw to heal. Before that placement takes place, your dentist will carefully study your jaw and oral health to identify just the right angle to stay secure and be as supportive as possible.

Implants Help With The Replacement Of Multiple Teeth

Through implant dentistry, we can help patients who have lost many teeth. The placement of multiple implants lets us secure a larger prosthetic, including a full denture. This can produce a significant change in your quality of life and appearance. Bringing back your full smile will make you look younger, and it will also allow you to start eating foods that have proven difficult to enjoy.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist’s Office About Dental Implants

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