When your dentist looks at your smile during a routine evaluation, what are they really looking for? It may come as no surprise that these routine visits are an opportunity to check you for signs of dental decay, but cavities are not the only matter we watch for. While evaluating you, your dentist will look for any signs of oral health issues that should be addressed. One issue we watch for is TMJ disorder. There are several reasons a person can start to struggle with this issue. Once they are identified, we can determine if restorative dental work is needed to resolve the cause of the issue, and we can provide a custom oral appliance to ease tension on your jaw joints and muscles.

Is A Problem With Your Jaw Affecting Your Quality Of Life?

There are several issues of TMJ disorder that you can experience. This problem can affect your quality of life by making it hard to operate your jaw. You may find that your movements are stiff, or that you often experience pain while biting and chewing. Trouble with TMJ disorder can also lead to difficulties because of facial pain, neck pain, and frequent headaches. Letting your dentist know that these issues affect you can help us determine if TMJ disorder is something that we need to treat.

Identifying And Treating Problems With TMJ Disorder

If your dentist finds that you have symptoms of TMJ disorder, we can look into treating you and putting this problem behind you. With a special oral appliance, we can ease the tension on your joints and muscles that are responsible for your aches and pains. We can also help you by addressing problems with your oral health that negatively affect your bite. Those problems can include issues with weak or sensitive teeth or poor dental alignment.

Other Benefits To Scheduling Regular Dental Checkups

At regular dental exams, your dentist thoroughly studies your smile for any signs of problems that might require our care. When cavities are found, we can treat them with custom dental fillings or dental crowns. If necessary, we can even take care of an infected tooth by performing root canal therapy. We also look out for other issues, like gum disease and dental injuries, that have affected your well-being. By keeping up with your oral health, we will be able to catch problems early and treat them before they worsen!

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Treatment For TMJ Disorder

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