Patients who have problems with malocclusion can fixate on the effect poor smile alignment has on their appearance, but overlook the effect this condition has on their oral health. Problems with poorly aligned teeth can make you more likely to develop a teeth grinding habit and problems with TMJ disorder. It can also interfere with your efforts to keep your teeth clean. Instead of trying to tolerate life with a crooked smile, you can meet with your Temecula, CA dentist and learn what your options are regarding orthodontic treatment! As you discuss what procedures are available, you can learn that discreet alternatives to traditional braces are effective at fixing poorly aligned teeth while making your experience surprisingly easy to adapt to!

Crooked Teeth Can Do More Than Just Affect The Way You Look

If your teeth are not properly aligned, it can be difficult for you to evenly apply or release pressure while you bite. This problem can cause increasing problems for your oral health because it can tax your jaw joints and muscles, leading to aches, pains, and difficulties with teeth grinding. If your teeth overlap, it may be difficult for you to clean some portions of them as thoroughly as you should. Because of this, you can be more vulnerable to problems like gum disease and tooth decay!

You Can Look Into Alternatives To Traditional Braces

Patients who are reluctant to discuss orthodontic work often feel this way because they do not want to have metal braces affixed to their teeth. As effective as they are at correcting problems with malocclusion, these appliances are not always necessary. We may be able to fix your alignment issues with Invisalign appliances. Through treatment with clear aligners, we can move teeth into better positions without requiring you to wear a permanent appliance of any kind. We also offer variations on traditional orthodontic appliances that are harder to notice. These appliances include clear braces and gold braces, which can have beneficial results while being difficult for others to spot.

Can Cosmetic Work Improve A Smile Affected By Crooked Teeth?

With the right cosmetic dental procedure, we may be able to hide gaps and overlaps between your teeth without performing orthodontic work. Carefully designed porcelain veneers can be affixed to teeth to hide these issues. When they are placed, they can also help improve your smile by positively changing their shape, size, and color.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Problems With Crooked Teeth

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