If you want to make sure your smile is truly safe from oral health threats, you should think about your risk for gum disease. Through brushing and flossing, we fight the buildup of bacteria that can cause cavities as well as those that can cause gingivitis. Unfortunately, many people fail to give their gum line the appropriate attention when cleaning their teeth, which can lead to the buildup of microbes that infiltrate these tissues and cause infections. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we watch for signs of gum disease during routine dental checkups. If they are found, we will assess their severity and let you know what can be done to return your gums to good health!

Flossing Helps You Avoid Problems With Gingivitis

Do you floss to keep your teeth clean, or just to remove food stuck between your teeth? You can leave bacteria behind when you only brush, as your routine can prove ineffective against those microbes that accumulate in the spaces where your teeth meet. Unless you floss daily to clean these areas, those microbes can be free to keep accumulating, eventually moving below the gum line to cause gingivitis.

Do You Smoke Or Use Smokeless Tobacco?

Cigarettes and other tobacco products put your oral health and general health at risk in several ways. One issue with these habits is that they make you more likely to have problems with gum disease over time. Until you drop them from your life, cigarettes can make gingivitis a frequent concern while raising the risk for complications with your periodontal health. It is worth noting that by dropping them, you also reduce your exposure to a substance that stains teeth!

Make Sure You Visit Your Dentist For Routine Services

Gum disease is a condition that can grow progressively worse over time. If you are not taking action against it, the problem will make you vulnerable to general health issues as well as tooth loss! Fortunately, your dentist can spot signs of poor periodontal health during a regular dental exam and recommend a deep cleaning to remove the bacteria responsible for your condition.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Addressing Gum Disease

If you do not take gum disease seriously, it can create several alarming problems for you, including potential problems with tooth loss! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help individuals who show signs of gingivitis, as well as those who want to make sure that their gums stay healthy. To find out more, or to reach one of our other locations closer to you, call us at the following numbers:

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